To Zero Covid-19, Pattaya ‘s Events Indefinitely Postponed

PRPattaya, Pattaya city public relation announced after the cabinet have ordered COVID-19 suppress to avoid all risky contagious events then Pattaya city determination conference on March 4 at Pattaya City Hall.

Assemble events was postponed and cancelled from March to September totally 30 events, 4 moved and 2 cancelled on March as postponed to Pattaya Swimming Open 17th, Pattaya Marine Run 2020, Pattaya Music Festival 2020, 1st Pattaya Trail Running Competition 2020 and cancelled to 5th International Thai Martial Arts 2020 and 10th Pattaya St. Patrick ‘s day.

For more one cancelled that Forming sand pagodas on Song-Kran festival, Pattaya Tae Kwon Do Open, ViSaKha Bhuja Running on May, and some waiting for event ‘s board meeting as Pattaya – Naklua Song Kran Parade on April, Pattaya Bartender on May. Pattaya International sailing on June, Pattaya Tourism Exhibition and Contest on July.

Anyway, without tourism activity to promoted, but the world ‘s famous city and lower prices on low season that convenient to accessible tourism product and service, estimation one was attractive to economy tourist and all.

As well, ECC gateway developing project to the Asian and world business city have been growing real-estates investment, construction and business one related.    

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