If these days we have seen teenagers do not go to the school on official ‘s day, that mean they finished their finally test to getting summer, season being change. The world orbit to closely the sun than those months, warming was reached the frigid and temperate zone. Tourism low season is coming.

As the most of agriculture, if planted some kind of fruit, it would be bloom and reap for a few month, a time per year only, it be able twice if it is the rice, but the vegetable garden or mixed Integrated farming system as The Thailand King Bhumibol ‘s theory.


When I was young, my father had been working as taxi driver one service foreigner tourist in Phuket, it was only a quarter he could, November to February. That is a major income we got to spent for a year. As the farmer who can get income some months for a year.

Ru-Pra-Maan is old Thai word it is mean to calculate, to predict in advance it one principle of The King Bhumibol ‘s economic theory. I believed, today teenager students able to think about how much their parent will spend for next term. Another two months is the time to planning with the parent, or just remind them as they may forget it.

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