Property leasing one can breath

Bank of Thailand and financial banks lunch measures to helping Covid-19 effect by credit and maximum moratorium for two years.

As COVID-19 affected to export tourism and generally economic assurance that being reduce the inflation rate, banks cooperated to help several debtors by various measures such as TMB bank has 3 months moratorium both principle and interest for real estate leasing and credit card.

Thai commercial bank has 6 months principle moratorium for SME, car leasing and credit card, 12 months for business one, Kasikorn Bank has free principle 12 months for businesses, leasing and to December 2020 for personal and credit card. Kiatnakin bank has 18 months principle moratorium for hotel and apartment businesses.

BAAC [ Bank For Agriculture And Agricultural Cooperatives] has 2 years term spreading for agriculturist, 10 years 200,000 credit with 0% first 2 years, next would be MRR-2% [ 6.875% in present], EXIM bank has 7 years maximum 100 million for machine or factory investment with 40% collateral  etc.

Government Savings Bank has 5 years 50,000 credit with first 6 months moratorium for businesses and personal relative tourism.

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