March 5, Thai Press & Media ‘s Day

Loyalty in marketing process it is absolutely believed in one without consideration that is accumulation of experiences sensory by repeating again and again till it is settle in subconscious then would be automatically reflect as one ‘s instinct it is just like one’s skilled could be automatic working without attending.

That one is not a modern technique, but one was the cultivate process of one ‘s attitude or believed for long. Such as the parents instill their child by the word, story, the precedent they had been doing, to control their sense and else. Or the ways to repeating oneself by the chants, songs, poems. It’s value in one ‘s subconscious depend on how many times and how long one had as modern marketing communications by advertising for as much as we can.

One we had it was reducing it’s values by quantity of one’s sense it come from information technology, since we got media and press one is so influence to social popularity.

By the way, the smart high-speed data transit what have made all are not only who is each other communicated but being as the press one spreading to world wind by social online platforms.

As Pope said on international media ‘s day that although good word on facebook one is God ‘s word, I thought that everyone who love spreading good willing by words is angle, God ‘s courier.

Anyway, on the contrary is one Satan ‘s courier?


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