Globalize might stormed somebody weakling from civilization, culture, morality, socialize one be able to certify the peace of community so far, as the Neo age that human had been learning to be together, one appeared in both mass media and social online, that psychological influenced to thinking, behavior and social popularity changing.

Why will not show the right manner even though we do not feel that sometime, if it will be our behavior finally.

As I wrote about really Love of God one is good willing to other as ‘Metta’ of Thai- Sanskrit mean as kindly or merciful, Bhuddism has classification one in Prom-viharn 4 or four sublime states of mind one depending on one who was gave.

First, Metta is loving-kindness one be to who has not got the peace or happiness yet. Second is Karunna mean like the compassion or willing to who being in bad feeling or situation. Third, Muthita mean to the sympathetic joy, feel delight, be fine as other who got the good thing. Fourth is Ubrekkha, equanimity, be agree on situation that love feeling could not help.

How can know who has got the good willing to is one ‘s manner it show.

It does not matter we feel to. If we keep show the word, acting and manner of good willing to other, one will be us finally. The bad willing, too.   

So, it may be how we can against the storming.

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