Common sense is meter

If presume what who will doing it upside to oneself to decide what is good or evil, that is just common sense.

How different to equality of human, if it is the same way It is just one to indicate the line of human right.

It able to know even illiterate and be undeniable the moral one latter became the law with penalty, even if it was common law one was lay down by religious founder, master, guardien, nobody could denied if one for keeping social security.

Even through some might said that the criminal penalty in early looks like barbarous. As Execute one killed in different way, cutting finger, arm that depend on how much one stole or as severe as how much evil one.

Nobody could deny but who would like to be out of the line, would break the equally human right.

By the way, one who are asking for equality by breaking the line, are their common sense broke?

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