A Phuket local media referred themselves in digital social to be representative asked for survival bag to a lot of people who have not registered to Phuket citizen. I agree that is the human right all should be got.

But should they think about where the budget for 7 to 10 time of real Phuket citizen in Phuket census. If in the pass a lot of one did not be what is right.

Regarding to one ‘s duty for making a live, as business registration, pay the income tax or social security. If who done one should get the helping by the state ‘s financial one has less than 20% of citizen paid the income tax and one-fourth of all paid for social security fund.

Moreover, almost has uncaring one was going on, some did as party or be member influent corruption one as who be above other by trying to protect and stabilize the illegal one with their each away other, themselves and the country they live. Why do not they leave?

I would not like to push them away if they can see their way to go ahead in tourism city one very fast grew up the supply by the number increasing that a million per year tourist in 2010 to ten million or a thousand percent.

That is not only accommodations but also mean to the tourism labor and businesses had concerning all was get the direct market share from tourist and is the mainly power buy of city, how many one could not get enough income for 2 last years, whether it was because dept of car or house, gamble, drug or extravagant life without estimate oneself and situation, what the world going on.

If they will together make a three-fourths of last year tourist ‘s quantity it would be very great, then all might be can sufficiency move on. If will not, should not some move out home?  

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