General one would fell more confident if be with one who be same in thinking opinion, attitude, purpose or fell insecure if it is differ to the most.

The common purpose as to make a life, finding food, fighting threats of the lasts stone age one might cause began the socialize as other kind of creatures one could survived by associated. To be Cooperated always is stronger, increasing the potential for as more as how many one associate, how much each try.  

Besides common one is different each ‘s desire that must not destroy the principle of socialize why each came to be community, rule is needed.

In the pass, the regulation was morality one be guarantee the member ‘s materiality peace, happiness, peace of mind, be without insecure. Is that a best of social security if all do as desire to oneself and do not what no desire to oneself.

Present, why do I feel so insecure, some may have broken mind meter, common sense is losing?

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