Pattaya city practiced today the check point one block COVID-19 in the west coast of Pattaya before Lock-Down on another day

After delayed for the person ‘s certificate documentation who will pass through Pattaya center. April 15, 2020 Pattaya city ‘s Public Relation announced the Lock-Down measure to zero the virus spreading in the world famous Pattaya city one has taken exercise to estimate the mainly East street Sukhumwit ‘s traffic affected to improving, then would be full operation on April 16.

By the way, the publishing included the graphic information of procession each 8 check-points line to run for each kinds of vehicle and person as who was not Pattaya registration one need to get the certificated but Pattaya citizen one just get the ID for pass through. and the field hospital one would be set at the Grand bella, medle pattaya Rd. for quarantine the high risking person.

Moreover, the Lamp test one is new Covid-19 checking model for 2,000 one supported to scanning between April 10-20, also since April 12 there was just installation to simulation each check point and serious recommend anyone no need should take the Pattaya by-pass street to reducing the traffic jam.

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