Globalize might stormed somebody weakling from civilization, culture, morality, socialize one be able to certify the peace of community so far, as the Neo age that human had been learning to be together, one appeared in both mass media and social online, that psychological influenced to thinking, behavior and social popularity changing. Why will not show the right manner even though we do not feel that sometime, if it will be our behavior finally. As I wrote about really Love of God one is good willing to other as ‘Metta’ of Thai- Sanskrit mean as kindly or merciful, Bhuddism read more


    A Phuket local media referred themselves in digital social to be representative asked for survival bag to a lot of people who have not registered to Phuket citizen. I agree that is the human right all should be got. But should they think about where the budget for 7 to 10 time of real Phuket citizen in Phuket census. If in the pass a lot of one did not be what is right. Regarding to one ‘s duty for making a live, as business registration, pay the income tax or social security. If who done one should get the read more

  • Three of Organization

    Next to the first needs it be physiological one in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a motivational theory in psychology comprising a five-tier model of human needs, second is Safety needs one match to the evolution of human socialization. To feel of secure, human came into community since the Neo age or is the last stone age that was for their capacity of survivors, from one was as the wild lives had been living on the hill, in the cave became to community on the ground without scared. As well, able been confident to sustain in first needs it read more